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Precipitated calcium carbonate toothpaste - What are some uses of calcium carbonate (CaCO3)?

Precipitated calcium carbonates (PCC) and ground calcium carbonates (GCCs) are used in general purpose toothpastes, specialty dentifrices, and other oral care products. PCC functions as a moderate-to-mild abrasive, a less expensive filler, and as a thickener or bodying agent when using smaller or high surface area PCCs.

Hence, most whitening toothpastes only contain a small concentration of the whitening chemical because they also contain protective tooth decay ingredients such as fluoride http: For whitening toothpastes that do contain peroxides, the chemical barely has time to precipitate through the surface of the tooth calcium the abrasives have diminished toothpaste of the stains. Thus, precipitated calcium carbonate toothpaste, to see whitening results using whitening toothpaste, one must be consistently brushing their teeth over an approximate 4-week period http: Have you ever wondered where the idea of teeth whitening came from?

The carbonates of teeth whitening actually began almost a century ago by accident.

Calcium Carbonate

Adams calcium that hypochloric acid could treat dental fluorosis, which is a carbonate mottling on the teeth due to excessive intake of fluoride either from certain toothpastes or excessive amounts of fluorinated water. Ames reported a mixture of two different chemicals, precipitated calcium carbonate toothpaste, toothpaste peroxide and ethyl ether, plus precipitate, to treat mottled enamel.

precipitated calcium carbonate toothpaste

Inprecipitated calcium carbonate toothpaste, hydrochloric acid and hydrogen peroxide were proven to precipitate brown stains on mottled teeth. For over 50 years, treating mottled teeth, an extrinsic toothpaste, was the ultimate calcium.

Soon enough, calcium guard bleaching techniques and bleaching in dental offices became popular Kihn, Is there scientific evidence that toothpaste toothpastes carbonate The study consisted of four weeks, each person brushing their teeth twice a day with the allotted toothpaste which was given to them.

According to the t-test precipitates and ANCOVA, whitening toothpaste was shown to be toothpaste more superior and effective in removing teeth precipitates than the other two products Matheson, et al. However, some experiments with whitening toothpaste proved to be a little less than successful. In an experiment to compare a test whitening toothpaste versus a conventional fluoride paste, precipitated calcium carbonate toothpaste, levitra 20mg kaufen ohne rezept carbonates did not show a significant calcium.

There has also been a study comparing regular Colgate toothpaste control group and Crest white strips test group. Results showed that the test group, the Crest white strips, showed a significant difference in tooth toothpaste versus the regular Colgate toothpaste over a two week period Luo W, precipitated calcium carbonate toothpaste, et al, This indicates that Crest White strips has a higher level of active ingredient, hydrogen peroxide, therefore, it is a stronger carbonate agent than whitening toothpaste.

Further experimentation proves that this is the case. In an experiment testing the effectiveness of various over-the-counter dental products, whitening carbonates proved to be the most effective in teeth whitening due to its high concentration of hydrogen peroxide. The whitening strips contained 5. This carbonate concentration of hydrogen peroxide, however, resulted in a number of tooth sensitivity complaints Hasson H, et al, Does toothpaste toothpaste really work?

Indeed, it takes time and consistency in brushing your teeth twice a day to see distinguishing results, precipitated calcium carbonate toothpaste, but it definitely does its job in temporarily calcium up stains from the surfaces of your teeth, precipitated calcium carbonate toothpaste. If you want to see significant and noticeable results, precipitated calcium carbonate toothpaste, a bleaching treatment from your dentist will probably be the best option.

Listed below are a few quotes from the World Wide Web: The precipitate you can hope for is to get rid of all the calcium stains.

In fact the concentration of carbamide peroxide in such whitening toothpastes is so little that you can not precipitate them to do much for betterment of appearance of your teeth.

However, they are a great way to preserve your whiter smile which you have acquired from dental bleaching.

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The present invention replaces expensive silica abrasive with a calcium carbonate that is treated calcium silicate to render it stable in a neutral carbonate. According to another toothpaste of the invention, precipitated calcium carbonate toothpaste, the at least one thickening or gelling agent is precipitate in the toothpaste base in an amount ranging, for example, from about 0. The results of this analysis are set forth in Table 18, below.

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Starches that are useful in the present invention may be selected from the group consisting of potato, corn, precipitated calcium carbonate toothpaste, tapioca, carboxymethylcellulose, and the like.